" Some will have the gift of prophecy ..  "

Prophecy is the same as psychic .. it means to for-see future events and to interpret these events and the will of God. 
The gift of sight has many names and many attributes/skills.
 It is also like working with a heightened awareness or intuition. 
I also have the gift of mediumship, the ability to communicate with spirits that have passed on but only those spirits whom choose to communicate, Divine God and Spirits have control of that.
When I work with my sight, I may see images, pictures, mini movies which I interpret or relay as given to me intuitively or these may be given to my by a communicating spirit.
I also work with a gift known as clairsentience... This is like a psychic sense or knowing its one of the gifts many of us have naturally.... have you ever just known someone was going to call your or just had a 'feeling' about something'... that could be your own senses working...
I can sometimes also hear spirit talk to me or receive words...known as clair-audience or psychic hearing.. I also work with tarot, romance and other oracle cards that I psychically interpret.

I have attended the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Senses to learn more about mediumship and other ways and techniques of linking with the spirit world.
Aren't we all a little bit psychic yes this is true... just like most of us can probably sing a note but we aren't professional singers. I also make deeper links to God and hear from God when working in prophecy or psychic readings.
I feel blessed for my gifts and connection but I also have to remain humble and keep ego energy in check.

What's the point of a psychic reading? .... Well it's to give you guidance and insight... it's also in some way to prove a divine link with the world  ... ... But my link to my gift to me knowing and guiding you from my spirit guides and senses and trying to enable a link with spirit and the messages they wish to give.

 A psychic reading should give you a guide, be a helping hand on your journey forward. It's not there to take place of you making your own life choices and is certainly not meant to be a blueprint .... life has twists and turns some are meant to be known and some are not life is made up of mistakes and successes, good and not so good deeds ... surprises and disappointments I will never aim to tell you something negative but If I don't feel something I won't make it up... .. I trust your heart, God and the spirit world,  I hope you can entrust me to read for you and blessings to all of you.

There are a few ways you can get a psychic reading with Ashley Summers... 
You can come and see me in person for a 45 minute appointment.... 
for £30

I give 45minute appointments for Prophecy/ psychic readings in person.
You can call, email or message about booking these appointments. My availability varies and I limit myself to only a couple of readings a day, please get in touch. 

These readings are for £30

To be fair to me and others the only thing You need to pay a £5 deposit non refundable for your reading.  
Once an appointment time is arranged The deposit is for booking confirmation.

In person Psychic Reading Booking Deposit

£ 5 

This is a booking deposit which will confirm your booking after you have received and agreed an appointment time. These are non refundable but you may if need to move your appointment or cancel contact as soon as possible. Many blessings.

In Person Appointment

£ 30 

You payment for your reading. Please pay once you have booked your reading or if you are going to pay in cash on the day please pay the deposit of £5 above many blessings