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How much does it cost?

£1 per minute plus network access charge.
The network access charge is determined by you telephone or mobile operator .Click the link below for more details as a guide only. 18+ have bill payers permission. Service provided through Digital Select Ltd. Helpline to do with the phone service is 0330 103 9999. Live calls will be recorded in accordance with regulations. For entertainment purposes only.

Why could I get a Psychic Reading?

If you feel in need or desire of psychic guidance, many people have psychic readings for all sorts or reasons relating to love, relationships, career path, work, family, friends, Their children, and their own psychic development or just general to see what a psychic could pick up on or bring forward.
Sometimes it is just about getting some outside insight and guidance from a genuine and trusted psychic. Someone who doesn't judge, and someone who can give hope.

How long can the Psychic Reading Last?

The reading can be as short as you would like, perhaps you only have a few minutes or just have a small question to ask you are in control. 
The Psychic reading can only last to a maximum of £45 which will depend on your access charge . Don't leave a stone unturned. This is your time to get some guidance and insight from a loving and caring psychic.

How do you work as a Psychic Medium?

I work mostly with my Spirits Guides and my psychic senses, so psychic sight/ clairvoyance, psychic feeling/ clairsentience, psychic hearing/ clairaudience. I also will use Tarot and other sets of oracle cards to guide, inspire and interpret their details and meanings.
I have been working as a psychic medium for over 14 years now.
If for some reason I do not sense or pick up on you I will tell you and end our call. It is better for you and my spiritual integrity that you have a psychic reading that connects with you. My desire is always for someone to have a reading that means something to them. That leaves them thinking, hoping, inspired and ultimately seeking a deeper spiritual connection too.

What should I know before I call...

  • *You should know why you are calling, whether for a general reading or something specific. We don't go to the Doctors unless we want a check up or feel unwell. Have a purpose for your psychic reading.
  • *You should respect and understand the spiritual and entertainment value of the service... what details could arise, what could be around the corner for you, want inspiration or hope could you gain?
  • *Bring a pen and paper and take notes of what is being given and said.
  • *Don't expect to hear what you want to hear, all readings aim to be positive but you should not expect to hear certain thing or expect certain results. Life is full of twists and turns and we cannot ignore that.
  • * Make sure you are happy with the price of the call/ reading and if you are not in a financial situation to call then please don't and use the free prayer service. You are never alone. Divine and Spirit are always with you. There is power in prayer too. A Psychic Reading is a spiritual and faith based service you can listen to a radio for free or you can pay to go to a concert. It works the same way.
  • *You must be over 18 years old and have the bill payers permission. I own and operate the line but the service is provided by Digital Select Ltd. If you need help specifically to do with the phone line service call 0330 103 9999. The calls are recorded as per regulations and the services is designated as for entertainment purposes. 

I look forward to reading for you and thank you for trusting me with your energy and situation 

 Blessings Ashley


How is the service provided/ operated?

The line is operated by Ashley Summers as part of his services. But the provider of the phoneline service is Digital Select Ltd. In accordance to regulations live calls are recorded. All callers must be 18+  and have the bill payers permission. For entertainment purposes only.

A brand new straight forward Psychic Service for those in the UK.

 A psychic service provided by a Psychic Medium

What does this mean for you getting your psychic reading?

Direct Connection with me from the comfort of your own home no need to travel.
The spiritual aspect of the service is put forward as a working Psychic Medium and Spiritual teacher I want what is best for you and I believe that we can all have a great life n
o matter our circumstances. 
 I will tell you how I see and feel things through my psychic and mediumship connections.
 I trust my Spirit Guides and divine connection. I hope you call when you feel you need a psychic reading,  a general reading can be interesting but you shouldn't feel the need to call back everyday.

Simple Easy service..

Working with my spirit guides, helpers, oracle cards and other psychic tools to give psychic and spiritual guidance and insight. What you do with that guidance and insight is then up to you though I always say take a pen and paper to the phone and write down notes on what is given.
Whether your stuck in a dead end job, struggling in a relationship or searching for new love or just what to see generally whats happening around you, whether house move or psychic development is ' on the cards'.. 
Get your Psychic Reading today...

Call now and get your Psychic Reading

Psychic Readings will be charged at £1 per minute plus network access charge. Billed to your phone bill.

0913 530 0011 
You will need to be over 18 years old and understand the spiritual and entertainment value of this service.  You must have the bill payers permission 
and the service is being provided by Digital Select Ltd. Helpline 0330 103 999. Live Calls Recorded. For Entertainment purposes only.

 You can always email or message me when you would a telephone reading and then I can make myself available.

If  you do call this line and for some reason I am not available the line will connect to another psychic it is up to you whether you have a reading with them or not. 
If you do choose to speak to them I hope that you find a Psychic Reading with them just as enlightening.