Financial transparency is not just about numbers, it is about ensuring our operation is completely open and understandable to those that partake/ purchase our services, donate to our operation/ outreach and engage with us through our many different forms, including media, telephone, video, audio, written format, and at events.

How we started..

The Omnist Ministry has taken many different forms and formats in the years, firstly beginning with a knowing and a divine calling in Ashley Summers heart.
The Omnist Ministry is created and run by Ashley Summers who follows the Call of God he believes for his life.
Ashley has over the last 6 years been giving and providing spiritual services of his own accord. Setting up talks, prayer and spiritual healing, publishing topics and working on TV, leading meditation groups and offering Prophetic/ Psychic services and private consultations.

Over time God showed him that his work and vision was that of a ministry operation, one that could offer business like services and spiritual and community services.
In the process he has established seperate finances for him self and for the business/ spiritual services.
How we receive money and what we do with it. 

We receive money by the purchase or use of our ' business services' and through our ' community/ spiritual services'.

Ashley Summers is registered as self employed and all the work he does through the business services he retains a 30% honoria payment from those services. The rest 70% goes into the maintaining and supporting our community/ spiritual services.
Business services include
* In person Prophetic/ Psychic appointments
* Through the Prophecy/ Psychic Line service
* Any work done through freelancing with Psychic Today
* Any work done through freelancing with other Spiritual services.

Any money received in donation for any spiritual/ community services such as
*Prayer and Spiritual healing
* Street Outreach
* Charity Outreach
* Blessing services
* Meditation groups
* Spiritual talks/ speaking engagements
* Teaching resource sales , workshops
* Direct donations.

these all remain 100% with the ministry and are used to pay for, web costs, telephone line and outreach services.

Our operation and our promises.

Our operation is in two parts.

'Business services' and ' Community/ Spiritual services'

Our business services are to allow revenue to enter the Ministry, most of our business services are conducted by Ashley Summers who then is given a 30% honoria for each of the services.
The Services he provides include our Prophecy/ Psychic Line, In person appointments, his work with Psychic Today and attending events.

Our Community/ Spiritual services are the prayer and healing service, the creation of our content/ media in the forms of online videos/ audio and written spiritual development, topic based spiritual and religious content.
Our blessing service and outreach service including the charity and street outreaches. 
Any money donated through these services remains 100% ' the omnist ministries'.

We aim to show full financial accountability and are in the process of setting up new banking with tsb.

Once established all charity outreach and payment of services/ donations will go direct to this account. and records of this account will be published online bi yearly.