Financial transparency is not just about the numbers, it is about ensuring our operation is completely open and understandable to those that partake/ purchase our services, donate to our operation/ outreach and engage with us through our many different forms, including media, telephone, video, audio, written format, and at events.

Operation of the Ministry.

The Omnist ministry operates services in two parts.

'Business services' and ' Community/ Spiritual services'

Our business services are to allow revenue to enter the Ministry, most of our business services are conducted by Ashley Summers who then is given a 33% honorarium for each of the services,67% of any revenue from these services is maintained by The Omnist Ministry.
The Services are detailed in the column below on the left.

Our Community/ Spiritual services are detailed below in the column on the right.
Any money donated through these services remains 100% with the ministry. This ensures that all donations through spiritual services supports those services and the services of outreach and any admin required.

We aim to show full financial accountability banking is held with Barclays in a Business Account.

All charity outreach and payment of services/ donations go from the bank account records of this account will be published online three times a year.
"Business Services"

The term " Business services " in relation to The Omnist Ministry is any services that are offered which are governed or regulated in a business manner. These services although still spiritual in nature are also with a " price point/ paid service" element.
The business services provide a way to have an added flow of revenue for the much need spiritual/ community services provided by The Omnist Ministry as part of our ministry mission statement.

67% of any revenue is kept by the ministry
33% is given as a honorarium to Ashley Summers for his completion of the business services.

The Business Services are as follows
* Any prophecy/psychic appointments.
* Psychic Phone line service
* Any freelance Psychic Services that Ashley attends and provides such as through the Psychic Today Channel or at MBS events
* Workshops/ Classes / Sessions that are offered at a set price such as £45 per day or £20 per session. Any classes or groups that are donation only are classified as spiritual services.
* Any shop services

" Spiritual/ community services "

The term " spiritual/ community " services in relation to The Omnist Ministry is any service provide for a solely spiritual/ community service and any spiritual service offered for a donation only.

The spiritual services are the main purpose and focus of the ministry. It is the faith and belief by Ashley Summers the founder to provide these services to reach out and connect others with God, Humanity, Love , Respect and Spirit.

Any revenue from the use of these services or through donations are retained 100% by the ministry.

The Spiritual/ Community services are as follows 

*Prayer and Spiritual healing Service
* Healing evenings
* Street Outreach
* Charity Outreach
* Blessing services
* Teaching resource sales , workshops and classes that are offered on a donation gift only basis.
* Direct donations.
* Spiritual talks offered for free or donation offering basis, including those provided in audio, video, written format online.