It is part of nature that we all need each other, the bee needs the flower like the flower needs the bee....

I accept what I can do but also what I can't.... I see the great things others do. I am sure you are the same, you are glad what you can do to help others but you appreciate those that help you.

As part of my spiritual beliefs I believe in giving back to others and helping in ways I can't... so each month we give as set up on each and every month a committed financial donation to the charities listed.

Every charity in the world I hope serves a purpose and helps in its unique way, I have chosen these charities for personal reasons, perhaps you have your own charities. But know also when you buy from the shop, or attend a workshop or have a psychic reading in some way you have assisted me to support these charities too.

For without you, I wouldn't be able to give to them.

Regular financial donations made to the following 6 Charities

Terrence Higgins Trust

(HIV/AIDS welfare)

The largest voluntary sector provider of HIV and Sexual health services in the UK. Running with three core missions-

* Long Term Condition Management

* Health Improvement

* Clinical Services

The Trussell Trust

(UK Foodbank)

A food bank charity that provides 3 day emergency food across the UK. 

Currently 424 food banks are being operated and in 2015/2016 over 1,109,309 3 day Emergency Food Parcels were given out.

Contact the Elderly

(Combating loneliness in the elderly community)

Organise and run 'tea party' social groups for elderly on Sundays across the UK.

Over 75's who live alone, get picked up and taken to tea run entirely by volunteers.

A team of 7,425 Volunteers run 564 groups.


(Substance abuse, homelessness, domestic abuse)

Change Grow Live is a social care and health charity, Everyday over 60,000 people work with CRI. 

CRI help families, individuals and communities affected by Drug, Alcohol, crime, homelessness, domestic abuse and anti social behaviour.

PDSA Animal Charity

(Animal welfare)

PDSA  is maintained entirely on donations, 

with 51 Pet hospitals and 380 pet practices helping over 470,000 animals a year.


(LGBTI Rights)

An LGBT Rights Charity supporting the rights of the LGBT community across the world. 

Working for equality and justice of the LGBT community.