Many times in life we need blessings.... Whether it is to cleanse a home from negative energy, bless a relationship/ partnership or the birth of a new child.
We say words like ' Blessed be, God bless, Bless you.. oh what a blessing' so easily which is great because words have power so every time we are saying that we are blessings people, But a stronger more spiritual blessings can really do wonders, so if you would like one of those please get in touch. I would love to give and create a blessing especially for you and your situation.

Blessing need to place within the home and also if partnership both people should be present or at least one of partners needs to be present for the blessings but both must give consent
House/ Home blessing

A house or home blessing is a great way to cleanse any negative energy, especially good for a new home or ones that have hand difficult situations or negative experiences within them.

Partnership Blessing

Whether it is for a marriage, a long term relationship, or a handfasting.
Let your relationship be blessed, let it be prayed over and spiritually cleansed and made strong using holistic and esoteric methods.

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