Matters of the heart

" Getting to know and learning how to take care of our spiritual heart " 

Our heart matters to God, and the spiritual condition of our heart matters in our connection to God. God after all knows us by our heart. 
Grab this book to learn more about your spiritual heart and how to take care of it..  God knows us by our hearts.. sometimes situations and people have left their mark on or heart for the better or worse. How we deal with life and how we ' take things to heart' can all affect our spiritual heart, which in turn effects our connection with God, our spiritual journey and our enjoyment of life.

Through scripture, and divine inspired teaching this book aims to help anyone and everyone with keeping a good heart and spiritual heart health. With not only teaching but sections of prayer, extra details and personal experiences of how Ashley has used what God has taught him in his own life by sharing the details and teachings in this book.

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